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BirdNET-Pi - Intro

By Mike Proctor |  Jan 20, 2023  | birdnet, acoustics, ecology, featured
BirdNET Pi Using machine learning/AI and a Raspberry Pi to monitor avian diversity. Ornithologists have been using bird calls to identify the presence of species and to estimate populations of birds for a very long time. There are few drawbacks to that method however. Bird surveys, conducted to estimate bird abundance, tend to start really early in the morning. On top of that, trained ornithologists are rare “birds” - there’s seldom one around when you need them.
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Anthropocene noise

By Mike Proctor |  May 22, 2022  | ecology, wildlife, acoustics
Anthropogenic Noise on the Range Painted Bunting interrupted by aircraft noise. Anthropogenic Noise interrupts Painted Bunting The above image is a spectrogram of a Painted Bunting (the evenly spaced vertical squiggles) that was interrupted by engine noise from an aircraft overhead. The ripples are the aircraft - the frequencies get higher as the aircraft approaches. When the frequencies get up into the range of the bunting call he stops calling, until they subside as the aircraft gets further away.
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Range Ecology Network

By Mike Proctor |  Dec 18, 2021  | disturbance, ecology, featured, range, wildlife
Looking at Range Ecology as a Network The following is a convoluted attempt to capture and visualize many of the relationships involved in rangelands. While certainly not exhaustive, the objective was to at least demonstrate representative relationships taking place on the landscape. Relationships are depicted by a combination of “nodes” , which are any factors capable of influencing any other factor, and “edges” (the lines between nodes) which indicate the direction(s) of that relationship.
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